Cropping Multiple PDF Pages in

Cropping Multiple PDF Pages in

The copiers in our library often times do not automatically crop the pages correctly when scanning pages from a book. This is extremely frustrating when you get back to your computer and realize that it cropped the middle of the page you are trying to scan. In order to avoid this situation I set the copier to scan the max area (11x17) and then I crop the pages myself on my Mac.

Normally I use a great app called PDF Expert from the great folks at Smile Software. This allows you to choose the area you want to scan, click edit, hold down the option key, and click "Crop Entire Document."

You can achieve the same results using on the Mac although you go about it a little bit differently. The advantage to this method, of course, is that this app is free and already installed on your computer.

So follow the steps below to quickly do this on your Mac

1. Open PDF in Preview

2. Click the toolbox to view cropping tools

3. Choose the cropping tool

4. View thumbnails by choosing Edit > Thumbnails

5. Choose all the thumbnails by clicking one then using the keyboard ⌘+A

6. Drag a box around the area you want to crop then press ⌘+K to crop

7. You may receive this warning. Click the checkbox and then OK

8. Notice all pages are now cropped

9. Remember that warning a couple steps ago? Now export as PDF to avoid the problem

10. Save and you are good to go!

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